God isn't bland. The Church shouldn't be, either.
Ditch the snail mailer, and go viral this Easter.

I realize Easter weekend is now under two weeks away, but if you’re making any last minute marketing decisions, GO VIRAL.

Even if your all finished with Easter prep, just tuck this information away for the next big series.

According to the recent numbers, Facebook users over the age of 35 have doubled in the last two months.   This said, Facebook is no longer an exclusive marketing effort for younger folks.  I can’t speak for all churches, but this is where our people are.

Also, recent studies show 80% of folks come to church because of a personal invite.

Some background

After taking the above stats into mind, and going through our web analytics from the past two direct mailers, we noticed there were no spikes in visits to either our main church site or any minisite landing pages set up for the special event/series.

There have been a couple of successful events in the last several months by only using  low-key advertising and viral efforts.  One such event was our Libertyville Kids Day – 1200 people attended (kids + parents).  Our web stats indicated almost a 50/50 split between direct traffic and referral traffic from sources like Facebook, Twitter, and email-a-friend.

The Proposal

Several communication staff, including me, approached our senior leadership about not doing direct mail like normal, but placing the invites in the hands of our attenders.  Instead of just talking about inviting friends, actually equipping them with the tools to carry it out in their circles of influence.

Our awesome leadership allowed us to follow through with this idea.

The Result

postcard_easter_examplesWe created two rave cards that also double as postcards.  Last Sunday we had both available before and after services for folks to grab a hand full.  We also encouraged them to fill out some addresses, and we would mail them.

In addition, check out http://www.ChapelEaster.org.  This is our landing page for Easter at The Chapel, complete with proactive share on Facebook, share on Twitter, and email-to-friend tools.

So Far So Good

Only a few days into this, there is a strong buzz going around Facebook and Twitter.  We’re seeing good numbers on the website, and another 50/50 split between direct traffic and social media referrals.

What else is out there?

Life Church is doing something similar to this through their “Make Easter Visible Online” campaign. They’re encouraging folks to use “all the amazing tools that are on the internet” to get the word out about Easter.

What about your church?  What else is working?

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