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IE: A Necessary Evil

Internet Explorer; could there be another pair of words to send such shivers down the spine of a web developer? Despite a growing trend in the rest of the industry toward standards adoption and less rendering inconsistencies , Microsoft continues to press onward with it’s closed-source web browser that has a mind of it’s own. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s browser is used just about everywhere, and many times in ways you wouldn’t even expect (see the sign above, for example).

Any web developer worth their salt will tell you that you have to develop sites with Internet Explorer in mind, especially when ~65% of your audience uses IE as their primary browser (depending on what stats you’re looking at). This is no big deal if you’re running Windows, but if you’re on a Mac you have to jump through some major hoops just to regularly test your code in the big blue behemoth.

Thankfully, there are some new solutions that can save Mac users some time and money. Using some great open source software along with completely free disk images direct from Microsoft, there’s no longer a need to purchase virtualization software and a Windows license just to test a web browser. Check out this great guide over at Yeti Software, and give yourself a personal stimulus package, courtesy of the open source community.

Running IE on your Mac for Free

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  1. Adam (Reply) on April 2nd, 2009

    Dude – if this works… you have my eternal gratitude. I am still rocking an old Powerbook G4 (no parallels or VMWare Fusion for me) having to use an old Compaq laptop for IE testing. I don’t care if this takes 10 hours to get working… it’ll be worth it.


  2. Eric Murrell (Reply) on April 3rd, 2009


    I followed the guide to install IE 6 on my MacBook Pro and it worked like a charm (and only took about 30 minutes). Not bad for free!

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