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Facebook Advertising is cheap AND easy!

You’ve probably been using Facebook for months now, but If you’re not using Facebook to advertise your church or church-sponsored event, what are you waiting for?

Concerned about cost and a having to learn your way through a new back end?

I was too, and I’m happy to report after three months of use, Facebook Advertising is cheap and easy — Like NAME-YOUR-OWN-PRICE easy.  It didn’t take that long to figure this out.  I was sold after my first Facebook Advertising campaign.  It just took three months for me to get around to blogging about it.

Additional benefits of using Facebook Advertising

  • Relevant: You’re reaching your target demographic where they camp out, and add a “cool” factor because you chose to advertise on a relevant medium.
  • Impressions: There are over 200,000,000 active Facebook users.  Chances are great that a good number of your target demographic will see it.
  • Specific: You can “precisely target by age, gender, location, and more.”  It really does get pretty granular.
  • Quick: Unless you’re agonizing over what your ad copy, you can literally complete the process in no more than five minutes.
  • Reporting: Access to real-time reporting, and see who’s clicking on your ads, so you can make adjustments.

Practical Application

I consult with several churches in addition to my full-time duties at The Chapel.  One of these churches is Peace Community Church, in Nashville, TN.

Just this past week I set up a Facebook Ad for the upcoming Dave Ramsey Town Hall event they’re taking part in.  Here are several screen shots of my process:

1.  Design your ad: You have 25 characters for your title, and 135 characters for the ad body.  Make it good.  Make sure you also have a compelling image re-sized to 110x80px.


2.  Target your audience: Be as specific as you want.


3.  Name your pricing: The daily budget is helpful to have.  Tell Facebook the most you will pay for each day.  In this case I said $12.50 per day.  I have found it beneficial to pay for clicks (CPC) instead of impressions (CPM).


4.  Review and Place Order


Tracking Tools

Once it’s up and running there are several report views.  Below is the high level view.

As you can see, after 56,000 imppressions, 47 folks have actually clicked on the ad.  14,000 people are on my demographic target list, so that means there has been a lot of exposure.


Ready to start?


Make the jump.  Let me know what happens.

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  1. Jason Dyba (Reply) on April 23rd, 2009

    Excellent article; good point, good explanation. You’d think more churches would be capitalizing on something that’s right under our noses!

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