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A Must-Try Email Solution

I thought all email marketing services were basically the same, but then I tried Campaign Monitor last week.


Here’s a high level overview of what impressed me the most.

1. Easy and Personalized Interface


Not only is the interface clean, well laid out, and intuitive, but you can personalize it with your logo and custom colors.

You can also set up a custom URL to access the admin panel. We chose http://www.chapel.createsend.com.

2. Up-To-Date Canned Templates


Most of the email marketing sites I’ve experienced have pre-made templates, circa 2001. You’re kind of at the mercy of whatever the email marketer has available.

Not Campaign Monitor. Their templates are fresh and modern. In fact, there are over thirty to choose from — left sidebar, right sidebar, single column.

3. Add Your Own Custom Template(s)


It’s so easy to add your own template. Also, campaign monitor provides a quick reference to tags, so your custom template plays well with their editing tool.

I took the template I made available in this post, and within 5 minutes, it was ready for Campaign Monitor prime time.

No kidding.

4. Custom Template Editor


OK. This is what really gets me fired up… in a good way.

Anyone can add content to your custom template with this tool. I bet even my 75 year old mom could do this.

You just have to click in the area you want to change, and it pops up a simple WYSIWYG editor.

Items that repeat styles, such as events, are a cinch with this tool. Just click the button that says “Add New Item.”

I was even able to add dynamic text to the template that says the Month and Year, so folks won’t have to create a new header or remember to add the date. It’s automatic.

5. More Goodness

In addition to the items above, here are several more “wow” items offered by Campaign Monitor.

  1. Test that provides screenshots of your email in all of the major email clients — even mobile.
  2. Test that passes your email through spam filters and a thorough explanation of why you failed.
  3. Detailed reporting.
  4. Easy email list importing and subscription management.

Are you a fan? Why or why not?

What email marketing tool do you currently use?

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  1. Ryan Brien (Reply) on June 16th, 2009

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking email options and have been trying to decide which route to go. This pretty much makes my decision for me.

  2. iHateChurch (Reply) on June 16th, 2009

    do you know if they utilize logic automation. where it can recognize responses, categorize and send email based on logic…

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