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Friday Four:  YuleLog4aCause.org

Last weekend my church, The Chapel, launched YuleLog4aCause.org — Funny name, awesome purpose.

A little background…

The original idea was to create a viral website with a looping fireplace video, much like the yule log television channel that runs every Christmas.  We were looking at another way to get the word out about Christmas Eve services.  Ultimately, that idea evolved into a cause of sorts for folks in need of hats, scarves, gloves, etc. during this winter season, in our community and Chicagoland.

There are four ways folks can “spread the warmth” through YuleLog4aCause.org.

  1. Just by being on the site! Several donors came forward in the process, and offered to pay $.25 per unique visitor to the website.
  2. Through social media. Folks are encouraged to share through various avenues including Twitter, Facebook, and email-a-friend.
  3. Drop off coats, gloves, scarves, etc. at our Christmas Eve services. We will have drop off stations at all Chapel campuses during Christmas Eve services.
  4. One time online donation. We have set up a special giving account in our Fellowship One online giving app.

How we built it…

Keeping with the spirit of the “Friday Four” format, here are four resources we downloaded to pull off YuleLog4aCause.org.

1.  The looping fireplace video:


2.  The font:


3.  Real-time twitter buzz roll:


4.  The wooden social icons:


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  1. Stacy Goebel (Reply) on December 11th, 2009

    The bird on fire icon is my favorite part.

    And this site also puts me to sleep every night since it’s been up! Forget ocean waves!

    Perhaps the most compelling thing to me is the cause. I am excited to share it because I know that a click can make a difference.


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