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14 Twitter Personalities

I’ve been thinking a lot about personality patterns I see in the folks I follow on Twitter.

Which one of these do you fit into?  It’s OK to be in more than one — multiple Twitter personality disorder, if you will.

What did I leave off?  

1. The Prophet

These folks are the philosophers of the bunch.  They like to provide nuggets of inspiration through original quotes.

2. The Quoter

Unlike the “prophet” who tweets original quotes, the quoter sends quotes from other authors (including prophets).  Sometimes these take up several tweets and can get very annoying.

3. The Snob

These folks really get on my nerves.  They’re the ones who tweet all day long, but don’t respond when you direct a public reply or question to them.  This is lame — what is social about that media?  Let’s help each other out because we’re all on the same team! It’s not as if they’re bombarded with hundreds of tweets like “christian celebrities.”

4. Christian Celebrity

These are the big dogs on Twitter.  These are your Rick Warrens, Andy Stanleys, etc.

5. The Hater

I follow several folks who seem to have an axe to grind every day about anything and everything including technology, other ministries, bad customer service experiences, etc.

6. The Geek

This is pretty self-explanatory.  This Twitter personality is always talking in geek mode.  Sometimes it seems really cryptic, and I have to pull out my trusty Google search just to crack it.

7. The Blog-Linker (AKA personal PR department)

You ever get Tweets from someone who promotes their most recent blog post ALL DAY LONG?  I understand several times throughout the day to reach different time zones, but not 50 times!  I want to hear more from them than just a heads up every time a new blog is posted.

8. the RT’er

This is similar to “quoters,” but less quotes and more re-tweets. Sometimes they’ll even include a personal message at the end of the RT.  I follow several people who RT more than they tweet about themselves.

9. The D.J.

D.J. = Disk Jockey.  Yep, how many bad music recommendations have you received from these folks?  There’s always a tweet about a new album, a half-priced or giveaway album, or concert annoucement.

10. The Social Causer

Social causes are popping up all over the place — clean water, schools in Africa, etc.  People truly want to make a difference with their lives.  This personality type has the knack for raising a hundred grand within 3 hours to help the effort.

11. The Linker

This  Twitter personality links to interesting news articles, cool websites, where they’re eating, etc.  Who needs google with friends like this?

12. The Hyper-Tweeter (over tweeter)

Sometimes I wonder how productive these folks are at their day jobs, and/or home life.  Anytime you open Twitter, you can bet you’ll see their status.  Check out “Your Wife Is Jealous of Twitter.”

13. The #Hashtagger

Seems like there’s a hashtag for everything now, but if there isn’t, this personality type will create it.  These folks look for every opportunity to include one or more in each tweet.

14. The Manna from Heaven

I like this personality.  Everything these folks tweet is beneficial, refreshing, and useful, and I look forward to their next one.  You know what I’m saying?  It’s a good balance of all of the above personalities.

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  1. Eric Murrell (Reply) on December 16th, 2009

    I admit to being “The Geek.” I knew I crossed a line when I tweeted our pregnancy announcement in the form of a Caesar Cipher. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

  2. Zach Delph (Reply) on December 16th, 2009

    Cleve, just see if I ever hook you up with some new music again. :)

    • Cleve Persinger (Reply) on December 16th, 2009

      Zach, It’s funny that you think I had you in mind when I wrote about that Twitter personality type. I’m not calling anyone out specifically. We’re still boys… right? Keep up the bad awesome music recommendations. ;)

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  4. Drew Fletcher (Reply) on December 9th, 2010

    If you are looking for a ’14′ to follow then yours truly would be a great person to follow.


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