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Friday Four:  Good Reads on Church Copyright Law

Through the research I’m doing these days on live streaming for churches, here are four resources covering valuable information on copyright law and churches.

Obviously, there is a lot more depth to copyright law, but this is a good start.

1. Copyright Issues for Webcasting Religious Services

“Many churches are already harnessing robust and inexpensive webcasting technologies to put a public face on their church. While churches increase visibility online, they also risk vulnerability with potential costly copyright infringement.”

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2. What all can you do under a CCLI License?

“The Church Copyright License is the most comprehensive, convenient, and cost effective means of copyright clearance available for songs used in congregational singing.”

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3. Why you need a Christian Video Licence (CVLI).

“It’s becoming more common. Pastors use portions of movies to enhance sermon points.”

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4. Performance Exemption Only Covers Religious Services

“Many churches and ministries today need performance licenses from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC because they are performing or causing to be performed (playing) music in many non-exempt settings outside their religious services.”

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