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Takaways from Tony Morgan’s Coaching Group: February

Every month for the next six month’s I’m meeting with Tony Morgan and a group of ten other church leaders at West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia. I’m very humbled and excited to be a part of this coaching network.

Two things for sure — I am going to be eating well and I will be learning a lot.

Here are takeaways from February.

Main Ideas

1.   Leaders Influence

  • You influence others by sharing life together. Paul says it’s like being a parent to your kids — 1 Thes. 2:6-8.
  • We have to be intentional about sharing life together. Schedule it on your calendar or place it on your task list if that’s what it takes.
  • Who are you impacting? How is your life impacting others?
  • Do you see yourself in those around you? Do you like what you see?

2.  Leaders Delegate

  • Equip others to do God’s work.
  • One person should be the visionary, but one person should not hold all decisions.
  • We have to be intentional about letting others step into leadership opportunities.
  • We’ll burn out if we try to do it all.
  • We need to identify capable leaders like Moses did.
  • Leaders need to focus more on the outcomes rather than execution. Also, don’t be a back-seat driver after you delegate.
  • Great leaders will leave your ministry if you focus on execution rather than outcomes.
  • Don’t just give volunteers stuff to do. Give them ministries to lead.
  • A good leader is a good leader.



Here are some mentionables from other guys in the group.

  • Mark Lee says he likes to ask his staff what others are saying about him, and then what everyone else is saying about each other. You know, those things everyone says or notices about you, but you know know it. Sounds like a fun exercise.
  • Ralph Lowther says in Paulding County, Georgia he likes to take his staff skeet shooting to facilitate sharing life together. I’m stealing this idea!
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  1. Stacy Goebel (Reply) on February 23rd, 2010

    Great stuff. I’m excited for this journey and seeing the fruit that develops from it. Thanks for sharing!!

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