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Planning for Easter

This is just a quick post to take a random audience poll… In various conversations over the past few weeks, I’ve been amazed by the different approaches ministries take to plan for Easter (typically the biggest Sunday of the year for most Churches). Some begin planning months in advance, while some pull things together only a few weeks out. Just for fun, let us know how soon your ministry starts planning for Easter. Add your response to the poll after the jump.

What does your Easter service look like? Is it a specially formatted message that is seeker-friendly? Is it something completely different and high-energy? Do you continue with a “normal” series in attempt to give visitors an accurate view of your church’s personality? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Will (Reply) on March 9th, 2010

    Easter is the biggest, most important event in the life of our church and in the life of the Church. We try very hard to put even more planning, preparation and emphasis into our Easter celebrations as we do into our Christmas ones.

    We have a very special service on Maundy Thursday that involves focused attention on the death of Christ and the last supper and the events surrounding that.

    All of our pastoral staff write devotionals centered on the cross and resurrection, and we publish them in a devotional booklet that we give our people. This booklet runs 4 weeks prior to Easter and 4 weeks after Easter.

    Our entire preaching series takes a break for those 8 or 9 weeks to focus on the events and significance of the cross and resurrection.

    I’d be interested in ideas for getting the devotional material in other forms. For example, email subscription, Facebook notes (?), podcasts, iPod app. Any ideas?

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