God isn't bland. The Church shouldn't be, either.
60-40 Rule: Don’t ignore the pie!

One thing for sure is if I like a pie, especially cherry or egg custard, it will be eaten in approximately 3-4 days. I don’t ignore it.

60-40 Rule?

I heard about something Alan Hirsch said at the Velocity 2010 Conference at Mountain Lake Church. After a lot of study he has concluded that the Church targets people who are like them and these dynamics are similar between most churches – family, socio-economic, worship style, etc.

This means churches are only reaching a certain group of people within the population. Hirsch’s calculations say this group makes up 40% of the whole.

What about the other 60%?

It seems the majority of churches are fighting hard over the same 40% but ignoring the other 60%.

Who are the other 60% in your community? Challenge your team this week to identify the 60%.

What are you doing through communication (web, print, word-of-mouth), weekend experiences, and your personal intentions to reach the other 60%?

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  1. Bill Robbins (Reply) on March 30th, 2010

    So very true. The real question is whether or not it will be possible to adapt existing churches for the 60% or if they will require something birthed out of a missionary calling to reach them. My best guess is it is the latter.

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