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More CSS3 Goodies

While we wait in angst for CSS3 to be the standard across all browsers, here’s some more goodies for you to check out and take your CSS3 skills to the next level. Don’t wait on the bad browsers.

1. Which email clients support CSS3?   >Visit Site

A nice chart on Campaign Monitor’s site (best email service) displaying the results of their CSS3 tests for the 7 most popular email clients.

2. CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet?   >Visit Site

Gives an overview of CSS3 transitions and how to use them.

3. cssSandpaper   >Visit Site

This is a JavaScript library that “looks at the stylesheets in an HTML document and, where possible, smooths out the browser differences between CSS3 properties like transform, opacity, box-shadow and others.”

4. IE-CSS3   >Visit Site

CSS3 support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8.

5. The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model   >Visit Site

“Exactly what you need if you want to create fluid layouts which adapt themselves to the size of the browser window or elastic layouts which adapt themselves to the font size.”

6. CSS3 Trans­forms & @font-face Experiment   >Visit Site

This is the first experiment “in an effort to get acquainted with some of the new CSS3 features out in the wild that seem to be gaining some traction.”

What have you found?

Are you using CSS3 in your websites? What tools or styles are you particulary fond of? Please comment below.

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