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Friday Four: Prototyping for the iPad

What? Two million sales in two months? For a product I doubted early on, the iPad has really proved itself. I’m trying to find an excuse to buy one now. In fact, analysts predict Apple is on track for 6.2 million iPad sales in 2010.

iPad development is a big deal these days for web and native apps alike. I’ve heard stories and ideas from several churches/ministries (definitely for another post) of how they plan to get the most out of iPad — Worship charts to welcome kiosks.

As you jump into brainstorming and designing how the iPad will revolutionize your church’s weekend experience, here are four tools to help you prototype.

On Paper

notepod1. Notepods

Visit: http://notepod.net

“Notepods are stationery for geeks and gadget-lovers alike.” The front is set up to match the bezel of the iPad, and the back is ruled with a light 6mm grid.

2. iPad Stencil Kit

Visit: http://uistencils.com

“Use our iPad Stencil Kit to quickly mock-up application ideas for the Apple iPad. How can we refine the user experience? What type of interaction is going to make the app compelling? Let our iPad Stencil Kit help you answer these questions.”


ipad_psd3. iPad GUI PSD

Visit: http://teehanlax.com

“Now that Apple has officially released the iPad we want to start designing for it. While Apple’s interface builder is great, it doesn’t really allow us to create custom UI elements on the fly… The PSD was constructed using vectors, so it’s fully editable and scalable.”

4. iPad Vector GUI Elements: Tabs, Buttons, Menus, Icons

Visit: http://iconshock.com

“This set contains almost all ipad UI elemments, including buttons, tabs, menus, keyboard, balloms, etc… very useful for designers and developers. It includes scalable and totally editable vector versions (adobe illustrator).”

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