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Friday Four: Conducting a Twitter Contest

Have you participated in a Twitter contest or giveaway? Examples include following someone (person or company), re-tweeting a specific message, or tweeting a specific #HASHTAG and a random winner will be chosen at a defined date and time.

We all want to increase our followers, bring awareness to our online presence, and do so with professionalism and organization. I’ve personally set up a contest with the @BigHypeMedia Facebook page and it worked rather well. The contest got people to “like” for a chance to win a domain and hosting for 1 year.

How do companies (churches, non profits, individuals in particular) run these contests and select winners without paying a significant amount?

Here are four services to consider when conducting a Twitter contest or giveaway:

1. http://www.tweetswin.com – FREE

Use this site to post a contest, gather statistics, and automatically choose a winner! Tweetswin tracks your new followers and provide daily analysis. They’ll also show you who quit following you after your contest ended for up to 7 days.

2. http://tweetaways.com – FREE

You just have to follow @tweetaways first to get a unique key.

Enter your Twitter username, tweetaways key, and qualifying tweet phrase at tweetaways.com, and they’ll pick a random winner from the qualifying tweets and send a @reply and a DM once the contest winner has been selected.

Tweetaways has a fairly inexpensive “PREMIUM” option ($3.50) to help manage your contest before it even begins and provides backend contest management

3. http://www.twivaways.com – FREE

Twivaways.com is a one-of-a-kind website/app that allows users to sign up for giveaways on Twitter.com and you can give things away by randomly drawing one of their followers.

A Twivaway Page is one of the best forms of marketing you can find with social media.

4. http://votigo.com/corp/solutions/sweepstakes.php (call for pricing)

Run a viral sweepstakes, Twitter contest, Facebook promo, or on your own site. This looks like the most robust option out there to run your contest, but most likely the last choice. Seems too complex. Most contests are simple enough to enter. However, if you need a complete management option and have the budget, go for it.

A fifth option?

You can always manually collect the names of users that  have met your contest rules and use a website like RANDOM.org> to select a winner. This is going to be more a “labor of love” unless you have time. In my mind, while this option costs you nothing, it does absorb your time that could be better spent away from the computer and engaging in ministry.

What contests have you done and how have you managed them? Did you use one of the above websites? If not, could you provide what service you used?

Brad HussToday’s post was written by Brad Huss. Brad works for The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association serving as Computer Graphics Specialist/ Photographer. He also owns and operates BigHype Media LLC , a full service domain hosting company. Brad enjoys engaging with churches and consulting their website needs. You can follow him on Twitter @bradhuss.

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