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New Campus Communications Checklist

In the age of the multi-site church movement, does your communications team have a strategy for supporting new campuses?

Since arriving at The Chapel two years ago, I have been a part of two campus launches. Through trial and error we’ve created a communications checklist for our team.

We were recently selected as a Firestarter by CFCC — “Churches that have ignited ideas and sparked brilliant communication.” Here’s a good way to represent and “fan the flame and spread those creative embers to other church communicators.”

>> Download the New Campus Launch Communications Checklist

Though it’s not much to look at graphically, this is a good blueprint for our communications team. Does your church have a similar checklist? What did I leave off? Please comment and share below.

Can I explain anything further?

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  1. Bonnie Gooch Kirk (Reply) on July 17th, 2010

    I haven’t been through this (yet), but business cards come to mind as items that are often overlooked when companies do this. HR might take care of new hires. But senior ministry staff probably need multiple locations identified on their cards. And staff members moving to new office space need up-to-date information.

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