God isn't bland. The Church shouldn't be, either.
Wouldn’t you like to be a better leader?

Let me start by saying that I have nothing personally to gain by making the following recommendation.  I am not an affiliate, a sales rep, or a paid spokesman.  I just love this conference.

The Leadership Summit is a two-day conference for church leaders.  It is broadcast live via satellite from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago to over 170+ locations across North America.  Each year, approximately 20,000 leaders around the globe are trained, equipped, and inspired through the sessions of the summit.  This year’s conference is August 5-6 and it will be the eighth year that I will have personally attended.

Over my twenty year corporate career I have had the privilege of being sent on many leadership development courses and several conferences.  Nothing I have attended “corporately” matches the quality and value that church leaders gain from The Leadership Summit.  The faculty of speakers is a phenomenal blend of the best in ministry, corporate, and entertainment circles.  This year’s speakers include Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, T.D Jakes, Jim Collins, Tony Dungy, Jack Welch, Dan Pink, Blake Mycoskie, and several others.

One of the “cemented in” events in my yearly calendar

On a personal level it is a time of spiritual retreat, refreshment, and recalibration.  I am always drawn closer to God and inspired to continue to lead with excellence for Him.  On a ministry level, it is a powerful time to go with a team from my church to be spurred onward to lead our ministries better so we can reach more people for Jesus.

I tell you this because all of you need to be refreshed and re-calibrated too.  Church ministry is the most challenging and most important thing you do.  The stakes are high.  I know from personal experience that retreating for two days, meeting with God, and learning important leadership principles helps make better leaders.  So, if you can manage to rearrange your schedule for two days in August, I would encourage you to so.  You will be glad you did!

What about you?

If you have attended a Summit in the past, please share your experience.  Are you going this year?

David Tonen lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and navigates church marketing at MinistryStory.com.

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