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3 Mobile Web Strategies

Read an interesting article this morning over on Opera’s dev site that lists three mobile web optimization strategies.

It got me thinking about the mobile strategy for the sites I manage, and if I should change.

Is your church or ministry site mobile-friendly?

Check these out. I float between #1 and #2. What about you?

Strategy #1: Code well and do nothing special for mobile

“The current crop of advanced mobile browsers are very good at rearranging content without being told how to by a developer. At the user’s request they pan and zoom, reformat a page into a single-column view, remove images, and more.”

Strategy #2: Make a separate mobile site

“For some CMS-driven sites this may be the quickest option, but it isn’t always the best option longer term: it results in having two sites to user-test, maintain, etc. Of course, in the real commercial world, quicker and easier may often be synonymous with best, so let’s see how these work.”

“A mobile site usually takes the form of m.example.com, and generally has the same site structure as the full-fat site. This is easily achieved with a half-decent CMS.”

Strategy #3: Build mobile-aware adaptive sites

“The hardest to pull-off methodology is the one that can bring the best of all worlds to your site visitors. A fully mobile-aware site has adaptive content that reacts to device capabilities, and is therefore future-proof as it tests features rather than sniffing browsers.”

“The heart of the technique is CSS Media Queries…”

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  1. Andre' Barnes (Reply) on August 12th, 2010

    Hey Cleve, this is an interesting post due to the face that there are still many organizations/churches that are still trying to adopt a “mobile” first attitude.

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