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Friday Four: @Twitter Ranking Tools

This past week you probably noticed several people tweeting:

My Twifficiency score is __%. What’s yours? http://twifficiency.com”

Twifficiency scores seem to lack credibility. In fact, many well known Twitter profiles such as Marissa Mayer’s, a Google Executive, scored  a 0% Twifficiency. Some news outlets have even accused 17-year-old James Cunningham of being a scam artist. The site did not do anything harmful, but it did take advantage of OAuth, and automatically tweeted a “score” and self-promotion to your timeline.

In light of this, what a great opportunity to shed some light on a few credible websites that provide accurate scores and help improve your social media understanding.

Site #1: Twitter Grader

A free tool that allows you to check the power of your Twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded. Just enter your Twitter username (password not needed) and you’ll get an instant grade and report.

Site #2: TweetStats

Allows you to see all sorts of sta­tis­tics from your Twit­ter account like, month to month tweet fre­quency, daily ave­rage tweet den­sity, aggre­gate hourly tweets, etc.. All of this without ente­ring a pass­word to your account, so you can see stats on others as well!

Site #3: twInfluence

A simple tool for measuring the combined influence of  Twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus.

We know that “A-List” Twitterers like Scoble, LeoLaporte, and BarackObama have a lot of influence on Twitter, because they have tens of thousands of followers. However, social network analysis teaches us that there is a “horizon of communication” that extends beyond your own direct contacts, and this is demonstrated whenever somebody “retweets” a message. The significance is that not all followers are equal.

Site #4: Twitalyzer

Twitter’s most popular measurement solution for business and personal users focusing on influence, impact, engagement, generosity, and nearly 30 more measures of success in Twitter.

My advice: Do not be overly concerned with your ranking or score or how you compare with other people. Be more focused on your content, your voice,  and the reach that it has. I would much rather have quality tweets over quantity tweets. Remember, you can actually experience diminishing returns in social media as well — People still have the option to unfollow.

Are there any others that I am not aware of?

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