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A Definitive Church Copyright Resource?

As a church communications director, I get questions weekly on copyright issues. What are we allowed to do? How far can we push the envelope before we’re breaking the law?

I’ve always been a little more “spirit-of-the-law” instead of “letter-of-the-law”, but I’m not sure many entities care about your intentions when you infringe on their rights. Cleve talked about this a couple of months ago: God Squad vs Trademark Law.

But luckily, there are lots of great resources now – several included here in another MediaBLEEP post from early this year: Good Reads on Church Copyright Law.

Brand New Church Copyright Resource

There is a new resource just out, and it’s so important to stay current since things change so quickly (probably need to consider replacing your 1992 or 2001 copyright guides) – especially as church technology and online presence rapidly expands.

The newest resource from church attorney Richard Hammer: The Essential Guide to Copyright Law.

I know most of us do not use many real books for our research these days, but I’m looking forward to having a one stop reference guide on my desk.

Disclaimer: Since this book is so new, there aren’t many reviews out yet. I’m only trusting the long-standing reputation of Richard Hammer as a leading church law and tax expert.

Katie PersingerToday’s post was written by Katie Persinger. In addition to being Cleve’s wife, Katie is the Executive Director of Communications Production at The Chapel. Katie has consulted communication needs with ministries including Saddleback Church and Focus on the Family. You can follow her on Twitter @mrspersinger.
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  1. Copyright Solver (Reply) on October 5th, 2010

    Richard’s book is a wonderful resource. Also be sure to check out the newly revamped CopyrightCommunity.com for copyright news and educational resources, You can also follow @CopyrightSolver on Twitter and post your copyright questions to that account too.

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