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Too much technology?

Is such a thing possible? I often find myself sitting in awe of the amazing feats we have overcome in the last few decades.

Computers that took up entire rooms, then entire desks, now fit in my pocket, and yet I complain when it takes 10 seconds to access the retro photo app. I mean come on, I may miss that really cool shot of who knows what, placed into a filtered vintage look.

Are we better off?

Besides being amazed at how far technology has come in the last 30 years, I cant help but wonder if we are any better off because of it.

In the last few months, i have really been thinking about my personal technology consumption. Im obese with technology. I use GPS to track my running or biking speeds and distance, to chart them out and compare to past workouts. I have thousands of songs in my pocket in nice little playlists for setting the mood just right for the task at hand. I can stream a movie to my Tivo, my Wii, my computer, or my phone. My kids may never know what its like to “go rent” a movie, or what “be kind – rewind” means. I have emails coming to my work computer, home computer, and phone. I check all three with crazy dedication. I have several printed bibles, 2 digital versions on my computer, one on my phone, and 4 on my kindle.

But all that technology, do I feel more connected? Am I contributing to society any more than without? Am I reading my bible more that I have 19 versions no further than 10 feet away at anytime? I will be honest here, and say I know I am not to any of the above.

Have you seen this video?

Technology and Advent

As I sit and think about Advent, and the meaning behind Christmas, I parallel these thoughts with my distractions, technology, and consumption. I cant help but think maybe I need to increase my margins. More time spent reflecting, praying, and spending time with friends and family. Maybe these relationships and quiet time will help my production value. Focusing on the negative space, will increase the quality and value of the media I produce.

Some celebrities are shutting off Twitter and Facebook for a week to bring awareness to Aids. Have you thought about shutting off for the sake of life? Or at least creating a lot of negative space for the sake of life, love, relationships and the creator?

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