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Creative Missions Update

After spending the past 5 days in upstate NY, and visiting tons of churches (sorry for the lack of posts this week), things are moving full speed ahead for Creative Missions. We’re on track for the May missions trip, so I think it’s time for an update.

First. in case you missed them, and need more background on Creative Missions, check out these posts:


Several folks from the leadership core of Creative Missions have now visited Upstate NY twice. We visited back in October for an initial vision trip, meeting with a hand full of pastors and the leadership of the association of churches. Once we knew it was a solid go, we scheduled a follow-up trip to sit down with 17 chuches on their own turf to assess top needs.

That’s the trip we just got back from. It was very beneficial to see more of the area, meet pastors, and hear specific creative needs. They are so excited about Creative Missions coming to their churches. You guys can make a HUGE difference.

In many cases there were questions we could answer right away, and it really opened up a whole new world. In fact, one pastor and his wife had tears in their eyes because our conversation resolved several items for them that had been roadblocks.

A little overview…

From Cooperstown to Pittsfield, and Lake George to Poughkeepsie, we’re going to help 20 churches — all considered to be in the Capital District of New York. Ultimately, we’re going to have a web presence for this, as well as signups, but here’s a little more detail for you. Mark your calendars.


May 22-28, 2010

“Plan of attack”

1. Big Focus Churches: Select 3 churches that “get it,” and are just short of knocking it out of the ballpark, but lack resources/budget to get there. These are the churches that have a BIG influence over other churches, and can replicate. They’ll get a dedicated communications/creative team for the whole week. Auditing, coaching, and production will all play a part.

2. All other churches: Tend to 1-2 top needs. These will probably be served by roving teams. I’d like to call them “MacGyver Teams.” Some of these projects include setting up audio recording for services, logo design, etc.

3. Workshops: Provide several evening workshops throughout the week of hot topics — determined after complete assessment. All churches invited to send volunteers to attend.

4. Audits/Coaching: Provide 1:1 creative audits/coaching for a hand full of churches

Want to stay in the know?

We’ll definitely keep updates going through MediaBLEEP, but if you’d like to join the email subscribe list, please click below. This will be the avenue of communication for those who are interested in hearing more than the casual posts on MediaBLEEP.

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More Information:

Need more background on Creative Missions?

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  1. deWeb (Reply) on December 9th, 2010

    as i said when i read the first post, this is an incredible idea, and i’m very excited to see/hear updates. thanks!

  2. matt adams (Reply) on December 9th, 2010

    this is really cool guys. I wish i could be a part of it, Silly that I cant. Maybe i just need to make it a higher priority and pray about it.

    Why the need to physically be there? Maybe this is just me, but i really am most creative and productive sitting at my desk, with my big monitor and such. My work on the road or the couch is never the same. Just hard to think of designing stuff from makeshift studio in a hotel lobby.

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