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Top Post #8: Does your church advertise in the phonebook?

Every day during the holidays, MediaBLEEP is counting down our most popular posts of the 2010. Today’s post was our 8th most popular, originally published on September 15, and written by Cleve Persinger… “Does your church advertise in the phonebook?

“At one time the phonebook was the main source of information, and highly effective at that, but cell phones and the internet have contributed to its demise in most communities. My wife usually throws ours away when we get a new one on the doorstep. It just takes up space and collects dust if she doesn’t. I don’t know the last time I even opened a phonebook.”

Read “Does your church advertise in the phonebook?”

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  1. Tim Carrigan (Reply) on December 22nd, 2010

    Just cancelled ours last week — thanks for the affirmation. Good luck in the super bowl!


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