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Resource Download: Organize Your Giving Page

Giving or donation pages for churches, ministries, and non-profits can get lengthy. I hope this demo and download will help alleviate the frustration that comes when brainstorming how to shrink it.

Organizing all of the information in an easy-to-scan format is important for your web visitors — Especially in light of the financial crunch churches are in right now, and with many experiencing staff layoffs.

“Mockery is the greatest form of flattery!”

Recently, I had a ministry freelance client ask me to organize their website’s giving page. I immediately recalled what Eric Murrell did on Long Hollow’s giving page. It’s a great example of a simple way to present different avenues folks can give, using jQuery, without giving them a long page that gets ignored.

I spoofed it first, and then asked Eric’s permission to share it on MediaSalt. We’re cool .

Live Demo and Source Files

Here’s everything you’ll need to drag and drop this on your giving page. A little html/css knowledge is probably a good thing as you customize.

1. Live Demo

Check out this live demo of the stripped-down and basic html page example you’ll get in the zipped download (below). It’s made to drag into your existing site — Inheriting existing styles or you can add additional styles.


2. Source Files

Download complete zip file – Includes html with jQuery code, css additions, images, and image source files you can edit in Fireworks or Photoshop.

3. Additional Notes

  • Link to the most recent version of the jQuery library in the head of the html of your page. See line 10 in the html file (in the download).
  • In addition, make sure you grab the jQuery code found between lines 13 and 69, and paste them in the head of the html on your page, or create a js file your page can link to.
  • Do whatever you want with this download, make it better, and share it with others!
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  1. Mark Brooks (Reply) on January 27th, 2011

    A much needed post. I am continually amazed at sharp churches that ignore this to their demise. Last year everyone bragged about a mega churches snow strategy as their area was dumped on by a major storm. It was cool how they quickly revamped the website to allow people to easily connect from home to the services that weekend. Then you had to hunt for the giving button! How much money was lost due to not have a cyber offering? Too many simply do not think of this issue. Thanks for bringing it the the attention of your readers. I hope they take your advice.
    Mark Brooks

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