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Crowd Accelerated Innovation

If you know me, you know I love free things.

I have several very ugly t-shirts and a couple bad magazine subscriptions thanks to my favorite price: free. So when I was offered a free subscription to Wired Magazine I was very excited. Who knew you could actually get something good for free.

I devoured my first edition last month and discovered an article by TED curator Chris Anderson that is of value to the MediaSalt family.

Check it out: http://wired.com/magazine/2010/12/ff_tedvideos

In this article Anderson talks about the value of online video. As your resident video guy here I already knew that.


Well that’s not his point, but this is still awesome.

Video is Creating the Tipping Point

His point is actually about crowd accelerated innovation. He claims video is creating the tipping point of sharing any talent. This is allowing every community to share their skills and inspire creativity and competition accelerating innovation.

Anderson documents how the internet has led to explosions of communities in art, design, photography, and music — Each pushing and inspiring each other to do better art. As the internet has grown in bandwidth new communities are popping up. With the advancements in online video there is no limit what talents can be shared and communities built around them.

Cooks can share recipes all the way to dancers sharing dance moves in a virtual dance off.

Sharing “Trade Secrets” Helps Others Do Better

I have found this very true in my own online communities. Vimeo has become this for us video producers. We are able to see what other people are doing and share trade secrets to be inspired and also feel the healthy push to work on our craft harder. I have been able to see what other churches are creating as well as share what The Chapel is doing.

I find in the church world this is very healthy in terms of competition. People are sharing so that we can help others do better and not so much to show off how great we are.

Where do you go?

Where do you find your communities for innovation and working on your craft?

If you aren’t involved somewhere you should find your community, both for your own sake as well as for the Kingdom’s sake.

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