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Friday Four: Creative Ways to Hear the Creator

It was easier to get alone with God for creative brainstorming, inspiration, and vision casting before I got old and had three kids.

These days it takes a lot more intentionality and creativity.

How do you get away from it all and re-charge creatively? These four ways are effective for me.

1. Coffee Shop

I try to spend twice a week at coffee shop. With the right music in the ol’ ear buds, or just silence, this can be a very productive time to hear God’s still small voice, and brainstorm.

2. Catch The Worm

The early bird sure does… I am not a morning person, but I’m learning to be. They key is to get up an hour or two before the kids do.

3. Overnighter

Every once in a while Katie, my wife, graciously allows me to go away on an overnighter. This can be simply a Priceline hotel deal in a town an hour away. Some of my best creative ideas were born out of these getaways. There’s usually a book involved, too.

4. Retreats

I’ve got two of these on my calendar every year. One is every New Year’s and the other is during the summer, and always involves mountains. Usually the whole family goes along, but Katie and I each reserve a day or two for ourselves for solitude and vision casting. Theres just something about a mountain stream.

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