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Creative Missions told by two ‘Creative Missionaries’

It’s hard to believe our crazy Creative Missions idea is going to be happening in two weeks.

This is the reason for the lack of posts during this season — we’re all eating, breathing, and sleeping Creative Missions.

I’ve told the story for over a year now, but in the past month two of the participants involuntarily wrote a post each on their blogs about Creative Missions. Personally, I like their versions better!

Danielle Hartland

I’ve participated in traditional mission trips and I always leave feeling like I didn’t make a dent. I suppose that’s part of the short-term missions experience on some level, but I think my feeling was deeper than that. “Did I use my gifts?” Don’t mistake what I’m saying: I am not above cleaning, throwing a hammer and singing with kids in a neighborhood. I did all of those things and more because I was there to serve. But something was definitely missing, and I think it had to do with my particular giftings. Creative Missions is going to give me a chance to use the gifts God has given me to help a church reach a region for Jesus. I will be able to roll up my sleeves and do what I do best: be creative. It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

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Chuck Scoggins

I’ve been on several mission trips. Backyard Bible Clubs in Germany. Helping the poor & elderly in Tennessee. Building houses in Mexico. Hugging babies and feeding the hungry in Jamaica. Equipping church planters in Utah.

All of those trips have helped shaped who I am as a person (like most people, I get more out of the trips than the people we’re serving) but it’s always bugged me that I’ve never been able to truly serve in the area of my giftedness. That’s why I was excited when I heard about a mission trip for creatives.

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We still need your help!

As a side note to the story, we’re still in need of several resources for this first trip. Can you or your church help with the following?

  • EasyWorship or ProPresenter licenses
  • Gas cards for each team’s rental cars
  • Printing – rave cards all the way to vinyl banners
  • Monetary donations for production and materials: http://GIVE.creativemissions.to

Email donate[AT]creativemissions.to if you’re interested in helping.

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