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The 3 C’s

Currently as the only technology guy working at !mpact, some people have asked me how I go about making my day to day decisions? I tell them that I follow what I call my three Cs of technology – convenience, conversation, and connecting.

If an application or process does not have these three things, I will not use it, and definitely not introduce anything to our team.

1. Convenience

The most important C of them all is convenience. Why? Well, no matter how easy (yes, something can be easy and not convenient) or great something is it has to be convenient enough for your users.

Notice that I mentioned “users” not “you”. Convenience is something that has to be continuously worked on and not a one time thing. At !mpact, we make sure our community can access our sermons on our web site, mobile site, iPhone app, iTunes, and soon iPad.

You can’t beat making things more convenient for your community.

2. Conversation

Is what you are using or creating developing effective engagement amongst your community? If so, how?

These are some questions that you have to ask yourself daily.

Will what you are using going to get your community asking and responding to questions? You have to get the user to continue the conversation past the initial conversational or engagement points.

3. Connecting

This should be an “automatic”, right? Well, something may not be connecting initially until you get things underway.

For example, just tweeting information about your company or organization does not make you more connected to your community. Do you follow people back, mention users on tweets, re-tweet tweets, get back with people in real-time and not days later? This, my friends, is a good example of connecting.

Another question is what you are saying. Is it relevant to your community? It is simply context over content? Are you really saying something or just taking up space?

I would love to hear from your about what principles you go by from a technology standpoint?

Andre BarnesToday’s post was written by Andre’ Barnes. Andre is the Technology Director at Impact Church in Atlanta, GA where he oversees all of the technology resources from software to hardware. He’s also a very effective web developer and a “big ideas” guy who has a passion for furthering the Kingdom through technology. You can follow him on Twitter @drebarnes.
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  1. Kjell Nygren (Reply) on May 12th, 2011

    I especially love the conversation aspect. It’s easy to forget that people are longing to feel connected in anyway they can. And that a simple RT or @Reply, as strange as it seems, makes people feel valued.

    I struggle though with convenience. I think at times we make things too convenient and as a result unintentionally breed laziness. When everything is easily accessible there’s no stretching, there’s no discipline, there’s no struggle. Without that there’s also no growth. I have hard conversations with people, and I challenge people. I don’t do that to be difficult, though I am, I do it it to create strength. I think about Jesus ministry, his teachings weren’t always accessible. The parable of the seed and soil was difficult to grasp and he had to lay it out.

    And yet I recognize the tension in this as well. We must keep things accessible enough.

  2. Andre Barnes (Reply) on May 12th, 2011

    Great comment Kjell Nygren!

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