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Hide it in Your Heart

I spend a lot of time learning new things. I read countless tech blogs every day, dozens of books each year, and normally try to teach myself something new and useful at least once a year (learning Spanish is next on my list!). In light of all of this, I realized recently how sad it was that I just don’t devote much time to dwelling on God’s Word. Although I say its one of the most important things in my life, when I look at the ways I spend my time, I’m not sure that my actions line up with that.

In hopes of making a change, I’d like to challenge you to make the same commitment that Lauren and I made just a few weeks ago: memorize one chunk of scripture every week for the next year. Whether its a big one or a small one (ours have been about a paragraph in size on average), take a few minutes to write down some scripture on a notecard and put it somewhere that’s in front of your eyeballs every day. In our home, we’ve decided that the bathroom mirror is a good place to put it; as we brush our teeth and get ready/settle down for the day, we’ll read it over and challenge each other to recite the verses by memory. Simple enough, right?

I realize that this is probably Spiritual Disciplines 101 for many of you, but if it’s something you haven’t done in a while, I think you’ll be surprised by how rewarding it is. Not only will God use that scripture to teach and grow you throughout the week, but its a great way to lead your family (especially if you’re a dude – MAN UP) and grow together as a couple.

So, if you’re new to memorizing scripture, where should you begin? I’m sure everybody has a different school of thought on this, but I would recommend first memorizing verses that are helpful for sharing and explaining the Good News to others (think the “Romans Road:” Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9-10,13). From there, some people like to memorize God’s promises to us (helpful since our enemy is a huge liar), memorize Proverbs and Psalms, or a variety of other strategies. For us, we started with the “Roman Road” and are working through a list of some of my favorite verses that I’ve had written in the back of my Bible since I was a teenager.

Do you feel up to taking the challenge with me? If you like, you can follow along with what we’re memorizing on my personal blog. Do you have a plan that’s working good for you and your family? Let us know if the comments below.

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