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Their Shirts Really Don’t Suck

If you’ve been around the church communications scene then you’ve probably, at bare minimum, heard of OurShirtsDontSuck.com.

I was like you. I had heard of them for a while, even admired their cool shirts from afar, but didn’t use their services. That was up until three months ago.

The verdict? Their shirts really don’t suck, but more importantly their generosity, schwag, and customer service doesn’t suck, either.


Remember having to ordering beefy tees? Remember when you put them on they didn’t fit right and it looked like you had wings? To make matters worse, the one-inch thick print didn’t make it better.

Those days are over.

The folks at Our Shirts Don’t Suck get it. Goodbye shirts that you only wear to mow the grass in, and hello vintage and great-fitting t-shirts that you actually feel cool wearing out in public past the event.


Not to give false expectations, but speaking from my experiences…

On A Personal Level

My first interaction with the Our Shirts Don’t Suck folks came last summer (a year ago) and involved Cheerwine, a popular soft drink in the Carolinas.

Living in Chicago at the time, I would grab a couple of cases of it every time we visited my family. When I had almost gone through all of them, I sent out a silly tweet that stated as such. Lo and behold, Shirts Don’t Suck tweeted me and asked for my mailing address and t-shirt size. A few days later I got a package in the mail with a six pack of Cheerwine and two free t-shirts.

What? It doesn’t stop there.

Creative Missions

Fast forward to our first Creative Missions trip that took place last May. I got in touch with Shawn and asked him if he had some shirts with their logo on them he could send to us to give to the folks who were going on the trip.

Instead he asked if we had artwork he could print on them and not advertise Our Shirts Don’t Suck. FOR FREE!

When the t-shirts came in, were even more blown away by their generosity. We got them in two colors, so double the t-shirts, and really cool schawag and $25 gift cards to give the churches.

What a great servant heart.


Looking for some cool schwag for your next church or community event? Here’s a sample of what Our Shirts Don’t Suck has to offer, at great prices.

  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Bubbles
  • Notepads
  • Wayfarers (neon sunglasses)
  • Beach Balls

We’ve now ordered tats and wayfarers. Top notch.

Customer Service

If the first several points didn’t hook you, then their customer service will.

Not only do they have a fast response time and are very accessible, the folks at Our Shirts Don’t Suck make you feel like you are their top priority and an old friend.

In addition, they give an hour of design time away with each t-shirt order.

Finally, Laurel (the awesome graphic designer) volunteered for Creative Missions and helped a team remotely. Our Shirts Don’t Suck donated her time.

What are you waiting for?

Simply put, you really need to get to know Shawn McCarthy and Laurel Stender, the good folks behind OurShirtsDontSuck.com, and use their services for your next t-shirt or schwag needs. I don’t think you’ll want to go elsewhere. We don’t.

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  1. Rebekah (Reply) on August 16th, 2011

    totally agree! i used them for a fundraising t-shirt for my sister who is a missionary to the philippines last year and everybody LOVED the shirts. we ended up sellng about 450 of them and people just couldn’t get over how awesome they looked. and shawn and laurel ROCK at what they do. kudos to awesomeness!

  2. Matt Ralph (Reply) on August 16th, 2011

    I wear my Creative Mission shirts all the time. The red one is my favorite.

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