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Friday Four: Exploit Facebook to Promo Your Next Event

We’re two weeks away from a huge kids event we do every year for the community, Kids Day.

Here are four ways we’re using, or exploiting, Facebook to get the word out. How else do you use Facebook to get the word out about things going on at your church?

1. Facebook Ads

This is a gimme. We’ve posted a lot of articles on this topic, and best practices.

These really work for our events because we can be very specific on who we target, and set any sized budget. Very cost effective. In addition, for church-wide events, we usually set up an ad for each community we have a campus in to be a little more personable. Example: “Attention Grayslake…”

2. Post On Community Pages

Do a Facebook search for any pages containing the name of your city or county. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll find.

For us, here are some local community Page types we “Liked” and wrote on their walls about Kids Day (making sure they had enough “likes” to justify spreading the word):

  • Elementary and district school pages
  • City/town pages
  • Local news pages
  • Pages a lot of folks in the area “Like” such as outdoor theaters, parks and rec, iconic hangouts, etc.

3. Contact Local Groups

Just like searching for local Pages, #2, you can do the same with Groups. Chances are you won’t be a member of the group, but you can see who runs it, and send a Facebook message to them about your event.

Again, for Kids Day, we contact local mommy groups because we felt it would be of interest to their members.

5. Add the Share Code to Your Website

Utilize the number of folks who are friends with your attenders, sharing your event or page on their Wall. Make viral happen by making it easy for them to share your event.

There are several ways you can do this so when someone shares your website URL on Facebook it pulls in a custom graphic and teaser copy. The easiest is going over to the Facebook Social Plugins page, and seeing which works best for you.

Also, this sample code is a good example of what should be in the head of your website so you can determine how Facebook shares it.

<meta name="title" content="Libertyville Kids Day:  Sept. 16" /> 

<meta name="description" content="Bring your kids to a FREE indoor carnival and meet
Gibby and Guppy from iCarly!" /> 

<link rel="image_src" href="http://www.LibertyvilleKidsDay.com/images/kids_day_ad.jpg" />
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