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7 Last-Minute Halloween Outreach Ideas

What is your church doing this Halloween?

Did you know it’s the second largest holiday in the United States in terms of money spent? It’s so important that we as churches embrace this holiday as a platform to reach out to folks in our communities.

Whatever you do, don’t hold a Bible burning like the church in North Carolina did a few years ago.

Not including fall festivals and trunk-or-treats, here are a few ideas that don’t take a lot of money or time to plan. Add more to this list by commenting below.

1. Hot Chocolate Stations

Encourage groups of students/parents to set up stations in their neighborhoods, and serve coffee and hot chocolate. Hand out invite cards/schwag with your church’s info.

2. Reverse Trick-Or-Treat

Group kids in teams of 4-6. Go house-to-house and give away candy. Say something cheesy like, “No tricks, just a treat [to show God's love].” Hand out high-quality candy and leave a invite card. People are always caught off guard when we give them something.

There was a huge “reverse trick-or-treat” national church initiative several years ago that involved going door to door and handing out fair trade chocolate.

3. Candy Handout Invites

Equip your folks to hand out invite cards with their candy. Check out this example.

These invite cards can be printed at home, on regular paper or standard Avery business card templates.  They serve two purposes; Gets the word out about our church, and offers a free full-sized candy bar kids can redeem at our Children’s ministry next weekend.

4. Pumpkin Carving Stencil – Church Logo

This one is probably more fun than effective, and by fun I mean cheesy.  However, this pumpkin carving template is encouraged to be used as a conversation starter in conjunction with the invite cards, #3 above.  Folks who don’t even carve pumpkins want to try when we make this available.

Check out our logo stencil.

5. Viral Halloween Microsite

Maybe churches should think a bit more out of the box. Consider the joke site Sears created for zombies: http://sears.com/zombies.

6. Nursing Home Workers

Have your youth or kids ministry hand out candy and little decorated pumpkins at an elderly residence, but with a particular emphasis on reaching out to their workers/nurses.

7. Partner with a Local School’s Fall Festival

Don’t re-create the wheel. Why would you compete with all churches holding fall festivals? What if you called up your kids elementary school and ask how you can make their fall festival better – hotdogs, moonwalk, prizes. Make their event better and get your churches name out.

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