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20 Grants for 20 Ministries

Have you heard about Giving of Life? They’re giving away 20 grants to 20 ministries all totaling over $114,000.

Plain and simple, your 5013c evangelical ministry can apply if your annual budget is $4 million or less.

This is a little different from other grants, according to givingoflife.com:

The approach to this grant is as simple as they come, which makes us feel a bit different (in a refreshing way). We don’t require you to provide metrics, give excessive strategies, hire a grant writer, or fill out stacks of forms. This is your chance to skip all the expected hubbub and just shoot straight with us. What makes your ministry tick? What’s your passion? Why do you do what you do? How are you giving life to others?

Sounds pretty good, right?

Not applying?

Take a few minutes today and browse all of the ministries who are vying for the top spot. Voting ends on November 4, so find one you want to vote for and rally behind. It’s such an easy process.

Well done, guys…

All of this is brought to you by the good folks at the SoulCare Project, in partnership with the ResonateGroup. Way to be generous and change the score for God’s Kingdom!

Send some props on Twitter: @givingoflife.

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