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Creative Missions 2012 Announced

Let’s do this again!

I’m excited to announce the focus region for the 2012 Creative Missions trip will be Northwest Arkansas and Joplin, MO (Southern MO).

We (Creative Missions Vision Team) looked into several other regions for what will be our second trip, but it’s been hard to ignore the God stories coming out of NW Arkansas and Joplin. He’s truly at work, and we saw it with our own eyes after spending last week in the area meeting with networks, churches, and pastors.

How could you pass up helping pastors with names like Switch and Rambo? One is a biker pastor in Tontitown, AR and the other is helping churches rebuild in Joplin, MO (and was portrayed by Sly Stallone in three movies).

Ways You Can Help

More information is coming, including specific dates and an earlybird signup rate, but here are 3 HUGE ways you can lend a hand in the meantime.

1. Tell Other People

Help get the word out and make sure to use #creativemissions.

2. Pray

We need God’s direction and your involvement.

3. Give Financially

We can’t do this without your support: GIVE.creativemissions.to. So glad the good folks at CFCC are handling donations for us. This means anything you donate is tax deductible.

Looking forward to another great trip! You in?

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  1. George Cuevas (Reply) on November 10th, 2011

    Count me in!

    • Cleve Persinger (Reply) on November 11th, 2011

      Glad you want to be a part, George.

      Brad, way to pull the Alpha Team card.

  2. Brad Huss (Reply) on November 10th, 2011

    Greater Kingdom Purpose!

    Alpha Team member ready.

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