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Posting Privileges Without Handing Over the Keys

I love ExpressionEngine. It’s my Content Management System (CMS) of choice. Been a fan for 4 years now. Things just keep getting better, too.

For example, my most recent find, an ExpressionEngine module that allows folks to post content to your site via email – Moblog Module.

Moblog Overview

Check out this high level description.

ExpressionEngine’s Moblog Module enables you to send content to your website via email. Send photos to your image gallery, weblog entries to your blog, or data into your site sections simply by sending an email to your own account. You can have as many moblog accounts as you need, and each email you send can contain special tags which let you control how the content gets stored and displayed.

One good thing about this module is you can determine your own recipient email address, and also your own whitelist of email addresses allowed to send content to it.

How We Use It

At The Chapel, the Small Group leadership approached us about posting PDF’s online of small group discussion guides that are written every weekend based on the messages.

I immediately thought, “We’ll train the folks who are creating the discussion guides how to login and post to ExpressionEngine.”

However, the more I thought about that approach, the more I thought there had to be a better and more efficient way to make this happen. A quick Google search provided the solution I was looking for.

Now, four weeks in, (and thanks to my EE bud, Jeremy Gimbel) things are rocking and rolling on our small group discussion page.

Here are the main advantages of going the email-to-post route via Moblog.

  • Uses a method folks are already used to, and can train others on – Attachment is the PDF, subject is the title, and date sent is the posting date.
  • No need to train and re-train on ExpressionEngine admin, and no need to have folks play with fire.
  • Best part: I don’t have to post them :)

Check out chapel.org/discuss.

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