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Christmas 2011 Colors, Fonts, and Vectors

Here’s some inspiration for you to think about before you fill the rest of your week with turkey and annoying relatives. It will be here when you get back next week, just in time to realize we’re less than a month away from Christmas.

Also, take time out to share your inspiration and tips in the comments.

Color Combos

I’m seeing two pallets used a lot this year.

1. Throwback Christmas Colors


Colors – Hex and PMS:

  • Blue: #6EBDA6 (text: #F6FDFF) - 338 C
  • Red: #A41E22 (text: #F3EEC7) - 1805 C
  • Green: #83A931  (text: #0C3720) - 377 C

2. Overlapping Bright Colors


Use a layer blend such as “multiply.”

Colors – Hex and PMS:

  • Red: #DD0D1A – 485 C
  • Blue: #319FC2 – 7459 C
  • Green: #A0B915 – 583 C



Capitals is a (sigh) system font found on most Macs, but it really works this time of year. If you can’t find it, word has it you can find it at the bottom of this thread on MacRumors.com.


Apologize for the name in advance, but hey it’s in the Bible, right? This is a good one to do the overlapping lettering/colors, above.


Here you go – The Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer font from the classic movie. Looked all over the place for this font last year, and it ended up being on DaFont.


This is my old standby these days, as I am sure for a lot of you, but works well for all seasons. You can even use it as a webfont by clicking on the @font-face tab here: fontsquirrel.com/fonts/League-Gothic


Here are a few I’ve found in my travels – both free and paid.

1. Christmas Icon Sketches (FREE)


2. Christmas Pattern Elements (FREE)


3. Nativity (PAID)


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