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Last minute Christmas inspiration

When planning the Christmas design for my church, I set out to find inspiration in pop culture, but was surprised by the lack of great Christmas branding/design I found. Nevertheless, thanks to the elves at Google, I found a few things I would actually like to recreate the atmosphere of.

The Night Before Christmas


Typically we see this story illustrated very classically but I love how festive this rendition is. It also gives a very international feel—something to think about for church services.



Coke branding is always centered around making people feel joyful. Cheesy or not, you can’t look at any Coke advertisement and not feel a little lighter inside.

Miracle of 34th Street


I like this cover of the orignal version because its much more dynamic than the other artwork for the movie. It has movement, your eye doesn’t stay in one place.

White Christmas


I recently got all my mother’s vinyl records and this was in the stack. Never really paid much attention to it but this year was drawn to the artwork (of course we’ve all been drawn to the music). I just like how simple it is. It’s retro, it’s bright, it’s clean, it’s classic.

Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas


Love the idea of taking quality children’s art (or maybe not so quality) and adding great text treatment for Christmas branding. If done well, I think it could be really compelling sermon series artwork.

A Very Special Christmas


What’s cool about these Christmas music compilations, besides that they benefit the Special Olympics, is that every album is the same Keith Haring illustration but in different colors. Not only that, but a very secular album gives props to the real purpose of Christmas, Jesus.

So what about you? Have you seen any quality Christmas inspiration from pop culture? Share below.

Laura BennettToday’s post was written by Laura Bennett. Just a year removed from school in the north Georgia mountains, Laura serves as Communications Director at The Fellowship of Two Rivers in Nashville. You can follow her on Twitter @laurabennett113.
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