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8 Reasons Your Church Needs a Comm Guru

Every church can benefit from a communication director. Big or small, liturgical or contemporary, we all have room for improvement in the area of communications.

I’m not saying that the communication expert needs to be a full time person or even on staff. Often a contracted specialist will be sufficient.

Here are a few reasons why your organization could benefit from a communications guru.

1. Decision psychology

Communications professionals have background in understanding why people make the decisions they make and how you can help them make the decision toward God.

One of the most important roles of your church is helping people navigate choices in order to take the next step in their faith journey.

2. Clearing Clutter

Most communications folks are passionate about clearing clutter. We can help you take mixed messages and psychological clutter and distill things down to the essential and most effective parts. In addition, we have a knack for helping with internal organizational clutter, brand clarity, etc.

Churches often have the bad habit of throwing a lot of things at people at once. One of the most important moves you can make is to relentlessly clear away the clutter and highlight the mission, values, and programs of the church in an appropriate way.

3. Marketing

Communications guru’s are experts in the latest marketing trends, in identifying your target audience and demographic analysis, and in other marketing principles. You need someone who is going to help with the overall marketing strategy for your church.

It doesn’t do anyone any good for you to be an amazing church if nobody knows about it.

Marketing, though often a “dirty word” when it comes to all things church, is an essential part of reaching people with the Gospel.

4. Curating Content

Communications experts can help with creative content gathering and dissemination in a way that is highly effective – It’s one of the best ways to reach your audience with your message.

Often, church leaders (particularly senior pastors) are too busy doing ministry and writing messages to think about how to distribute it in a way that benefits the church and adds value to the culture, particularly in a way that proves to be a marketing tactic.

5. Navigating technology

Communications people are constantly immersed in the latest technologies and will have a hands-on knowledge of the best way for you to leverage them for your church.

One of the biggest challenges for churches is navigating the lastest technologies, be it physical hardware (computers, networks, content distribution devices) or relational technologies (just think of the latest social media outlet that you’re missing out on).

6. Champion of the brand

Communications directors can teach you how to make everyone in your organization a brand-champion and can help with the more traditional aspects of ‘branding’ as well.

Your brand is the sum total of everything you do – from the products you create to the interactions with your customers to the design of your logo and brochures. Marketing is how you leverage your brand to advance your organization.

7. Help define your target audience

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

I mentioned this briefly above, but it’s worth repeating. Defining your target audience is one of the most important things that your organization should be continually doing. By knowing your audience, you know how to design your message, how to package it, and how to get it out in the right way at the right time for the right reason. This process is much easier, and can become a natural function of your church if you have the help of a communications professional.

8. The traditional stuff (graphics, video, etc)

This one is obvious, but you need a good graphic designer, video producer, etc. on hand to create all of the traditional elements associated with the communicating and marketing needs of your church.

Do you have a communications guru on hand (either on staff or on contract/retainer) with your church? I’d love to hear some of the benefits you’ve seen or some of the road-blocks you face in the comments. Of course, if there is any way we at MediaBLEEP can help connect you to a qualified communications pro, feel free to contact us, hello@mediasalt.com!

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