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Communicate What You’re Communicating: Part 2

In October, Eric laid out an effective solution for making sure everyone on your staff team is aware of what’s going on.

One of the things I loved most about his post was the fact that his team centralized communications and put the responsibility of informing the communications team back on the ministries.

At The Chapel, we had the same challenges Eric was facing, so our solution was a simple WordPress template site that could be a hub for us. Staff and volunteers could get information however they wished: through rss, email, or visiting the site as needed.


YouChapel.org is updated weekly with both weekend service and promotional information. Additionally, it’s a permanent resting place for all calendars, communications request form (for ministries to initiate all projects – post on that here), templates so the campuses can be empowered to do some projects on their own, and much more.

Is a solution like this sustainable?

I have to admit, when we first started talking about doing this several years ago, I had my doubts. I felt like we always try different solutions (and not just for this challenge) and they never work for everyone – there’s always some segment of the target audience that doesn’t resonate with the solution.

This has been different. It’s been consistently used and the only way to get this type of information for over three years now. Internal Comm. Director Stacia Gibson has done an amazing job of keeping it updated.

I believe part of the sustainability is finding something that works for you and training others in your organization to follow. In this case, we’re talking about information everyone must have, so train them in how you want them to get it.

One of the best parts is that it’s something volunteers can easily use too – easily communicating to hundreds of volunteers and dozens of staff members across campuses miles apart.

Katie PersingerToday’s post was written by Katie Persinger. In addition to being Cleve’s wife, Katie consults churches and ministries in the area of communications - strategy, video, web, and print. She has served at Saddleback Church and most recently as the Executive Dir. of Communications at The Chapel. You can follow her on Twitter @mrspersinger and read her blog, Mobile Mama.
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