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Easter Randomness

How did Easter get here so fast? Why do we say that every year?

Whether you’ve got Easter 2012 already figured out at your church or you’re still searching for items to complete your weekend, here’s a list of things that have caught my attention you can place in your back pocket for this year or next.

1. Landing Pages

Eric likes to call these microsites, because he’s geeky like that, and others call them minisites. Whatever you call them, landing pages can be a useful promotion tool for your community as you clearly lay out what’s going on at your church on Easter weekend.

Here are some examples:

2. Festivities

Normal Easter egg hunts are so 2001. How is your church spicing things up, and making remarkable experiences your community will stand in line for? These stand out to me.

  • acworthegghunt.com – A skydiving Easter bunny and a flashlight egg hunt? What? Awesome!
  • theeggdrop.com – Our good friend Phil Bowdle’s church. Egg drops are awesome, I’ve put a couple on myself. Who doesn’t want to watch eggs drop out of a helicopter? I’ve heard of hot air balloons as an alternative. I actually want to buzz the field with a C-130 and drop them out of the back? Doable?

3. Everything Else

Here are several more items to get you thinking.

  • The Monday Before Easter – Great article written by someone who knows a lot about this stuff. What should you do this week to prepare for this coming weekend?
  • Facebook Advertising is Cheap AND Easy – Are you taking advantage of Facebook ads for your easter services or festivities? Let me tell you from experience, they work. No kidding. Give ‘em a try this week. It’s not too late.
  • Easter: Invite Me In – This is a great video to show to your folks the week before Easter, or link to from your Facebook page this week. It really moves me. Great job by the good folks over at Floodgate Productions.

What else? What has inspired you this Easter? What are you holding in your back pocket?

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