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New Comm Model: “One Day Creative Intensive”

A couple of weeks ago Eric and I received an email that made so much sense it was genius.

I honestly gave myself an audible, “Duh!” (and maybe a forehead slap)

Kelvin Co, the Creative Media Pastor of The Oaks Fellowship, had a eureka moment after joining us this past May on the Creative Missions trip. He realized he could take the same aggressive Creative Missions model we use on these trips to reach out to each area/department of his own church.

Here’s a snapshot.

(UPDATE: Sunday Magazine published Kelvin’s article about this today. Great read.)

Since coming back from the trip, two separate thoughts have been occupying my mind and heart:

  1. Because of how focused and consumed we are with supporting Sunday experiences, a lot of request from departments to my team fall through. How can I serve department’s needs better without hiring more people?
  2. Each team accomplished so much in one day on Creative Missions. How did we do it?
Three weeks ago those two things intersected in a huge way! It occurred to me that I can take the Creative Missions methodology and apply it to serving departments in my church?

“One Day Creative Intensive”

  1. I selected a department that I felt was in most critical need for creative support – our small group ministry.
  2. I presented the concept to the pastor in charge of it and offered to have my entire department dedicated to serving them for one whole day. The condition is they are completely focused on working with us with no interruptions. She loved it.
  3. We had a three hour pre-meeting two weeks ago to review their strategy, creative and communication needs for the next six months.
  4. We generated a list of needs.
  5. Because we were reviewing their needs holistically and strategically, we realized that they did not need as much as they usally request, and we identified things they really needed they would never have thought of.

The Results?

Yesterday was our first One Day intensive. IT WAS A HUGE STINKIN’ SUCCESS!!!

  • We re-branded the department.
  • We created a powerful strategy on how they can tell their story clearly, effectively and succinctly.
  • We knocked out 95% of what was on the list for the day like infographic, brochure, banners, greeting card, forms, custom icons, promo video script, etc.
  • No team building exercise could’ve accomplished the level of morale my department has right now.
The impact of creative missions in my life continues to overflow. Thank you for your leadership and passion in walking out God’s vision!

Photo Cred: Brad Huss

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  1. David Heys (Reply) on August 1st, 2012

    THIS sounds like a great idea – it’s got me thinking already about how we could do something similar. Love the idea of applying the Creative Missions concept at a local level.

    • Cleve Persinger (Reply) on August 1st, 2012

      Thanks for the comments, David. We’d love to hear about your experiences if you do this.

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