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Alaska or Bust (AND Bust) – Creative Missions 2013

Eric and I just got back from the Creative Missions vision trip to Alaska.

I know you’re anxious to hear the dates and more for Creative Missions 2013, but first…

See that guy between Eric and I in the post pic? That’s a fur trapper we met while in Alaska. Just kidding. That’s Adam Legg, church communications extraordinaire and on staff at ChangePoint church in Anchorage. We’re lucky to have him on our side. He’s connected us with a lot of churches to serve during Creative Missions 2013, and will be serving with us. Follow him.

Same picture… See my cast? Yep. I broke my elbow in Alaska. They have this stuff there called ice and it’s not friendly on certain types of shoe soles. Wish it would have been a Moose chase, or something more exciting.

Ever heard the difference between the contributions from chickens and pigs for breakfast? The chicken contributes, but the pig is all in.

Well folks, I’m ALL IN on Creative Missions 2013 to Alaska – Surgical scar and all!

Now the details…


May 18-24, 2013


Anchorage, Alaska and the surrounding areas (including Wasilla –  home of Sarah Palin). The overwhelming opinion of folks up there is Alaska is the only state where one city influences the rest of the state. That’s Anchorage. Sounds like it’s where we need to be.


We’ll be serving approximately 15-20 churches and a few parachurch organizations, helping them communicate the Gospel better to the communities they serve through print/web design, video, social media, logos, signage, tech setup, etc. (all sustainable solutions).

We’re giving a week away to good folks including Jay, a church planter who sold everything he had and moved his family 6,000 miles to reach the good folks of Wasilla, Alaska. He’s bi-vocational. He works full time at Lowes Hardware. A trip like this is the least we could do to show appreciation to pastors who make big sacrifices for the Kingdom like him.


You cover airfare and pay the participation fee (rates coming soon – INCLUDING early bird specials). Airfare is not as bad as you think. Start checking on flights into ANC.


We need financial help to cover food, lodging, rental cars, and production materials. These trips couldn’t exist without the help we get from individuals and churches. Could your church be a sponsor?

Give $75 and get a free t-shirt!

Stay tuned. There’s good stuff on way!


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  1. I have been following you guys since last year’s trip. My husband (who is also a creative) and I are seriously considering signing up. What type of credentials do you need in your team members?

    • Dewberry (Reply) on December 5th, 2012

      Mindy — the skills used on these trips include but are certainly not limited to graphic design, web design, photography, video production, motion graphics, A/V troubleshooting/repair/replace, marketing practices and more.

      As far as “credentials” go, I have been on both CM trips — On the first trip I thought to myself I don’t belong here with all these talented creative people — On the second trip I thought the same thing — but here’s the thing God uses us even when we feel less than prepared or skilled or credentialed. There have been people on these trips that are at the top of their field and there have been some who are just starting out.

      Danielle who has been a blessing on both trips said this, “It wasn’t about logos and websites. It was about building up the body with the gifts that God gave us.”

      John Rogers had this to say, “No, we didn’t build a church building or construct an orphanage. No we didn’t run a VBS or witness on the streets. We have created sustainable solutions for churches to effectively communicate an ultimate message of God’s never-ending love for each community these churches are involved in.”

      Creative Missions: Alaska is in May 2013 and from what I see the application process will start in January 2013. As believers, we serve Christ — John 12:26 says, “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.” If God is calling you and your husband to follow Him to Alaska to be a servant…APPLY!

      Also be in prayer about how God can use you in your community right now. The Creative Missions trip is a thing that happens once a year for one week — but I bet there’s not a single person who has been on the trip who hasn’t been continuing on the heart of what Creative Missions is all about in their community.

      Though our obedience and faithfulness to serve the Church, the Church’s ability to communicate the love of Christ in a way that reaches it’s community is magnified and strengthened.

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