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Suggestion: Mini Creative Missions Days

Kyna Moore has been a part of both Creative Missions trips and approached us about an idea worth considering, “Mini Creative Missions Days.” We appreciate folks who are a part of this crazy idea coming up with more “crazy” ideas to support it. What do you think about this?

Living in the Pacific Northwest means Ferry rides are a fairly common mode of transportation for me. I always forget how odd this is, until I meet someone from California or the mid-west and take them on their first ferry ride. It really is an odd mode of transportation if I stop and think about it, and that is one of my favorite aspects of the ferry, I have time to stop and think.

One month ago, I sat on a ferry, on my way the the Olympic Peninsula, to a little town called Port Townsend in Washington State. I was heading to visit one of my close friends’ parents church and help them with their annual Christmas concert “Down Home Country Christmas.” This has become an almost annual Christmas adventure for me over the past few years. Each year, my role becomes slightly easier as I am able to train their dedicated weekly volunteers new skills and help them understand some foundational ideas within church tech.

A One-Day Creative Missions?

As I was on the ferry, I began to think about how I could improve the experience for both the church technicians and myself. One of the big improvements I would love to see moving forward, would be pre-planning. This church does not put this show together very far in advance and I think the quality would be greatly improved with a bit more planning, farther in advance.

As I was thinking about this critical step, an idea hit me. Mini Creative Missions Trips.

So far, the focus of Creative Missions has been long-term sustainable solutions for churches in one region. As a member of the Creative Missions trips for the past two years, I love the week and the work we are able to provide. I also think it is essential to create long term design solutions for these churches. But what happens during the Superbowl of church? We’ve all seen bad design and bad tech during a Christmas pageant or Christmas Eve service.

What if Creative Missionaries could be partnered with a local church in their region, for one day?

What if Creative Missionaries could be partnered with a local church in their region, for one day, to tackle Christmas or Easter design and tech solutions? What if we had an online collaboration center, so as the designers were working, they had a place to turn for critique and help with their work? What if we had an evening training session with the church volunteer team to help them pull off their best Christmas show ever? Would it be possible to help churches improve their design standards and reach a wider audience for Christ?

Would you be involved?

Would this be an idea you would be interested in participating in or do you have a local church contact that might benefit and take advantage of a day like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Kyna MooreToday’s post was written by Kyna Moore, a Seattlelite who has proudly represented the West Coast and the female populations on the Creative Missions trips for the past two years. She has been on staff at large churches, volunteer staff at startup churches and loves helping make church the most creative organism on the planet. Follow her on Twitter @KynaM.
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  1. Chuck Scoggins (Reply) on January 7th, 2013

    I think this is a great idea. However, I would love to see one or two or three creative missionaries in a region teamed up. Part of what makes it so powerful in my mind is the synergy that occurs when a group of creatives with a variety of talents get together to accomplish so much for a specific church in a focused and condensed amount of time.

    Great idea and post Kyna!

  2. Laura Bennett (Reply) on January 7th, 2013

    Great thoughts, Kyna!

    I also think if churches see the success of a one-day-blow-it-out-of-the-water-event type thing, it will serve as a catalyst to make every Sunday a “Superbowl Sunday.”

  3. Kelvin (Reply) on January 8th, 2013

    POWERFUL Stuff Kyna! Love it!

    One of the things my team is doing this year, is serving a local non-profit by doing a One Day Creative Missions for them. Our community care and missions pastor is looking into and setting it up. My whole team is really pumped about it.

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