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Chattin’ Alaska, Week 1: Soul Care

I’m excited to kick off a series of conversations we’re posting once per week between now and Creative Missions 2013 to Alaska.

This week’s is about soul care.

One thing we’ve learned over the past couple of years of Creative Missions is our work goes deeper than just helping churches communicate better. It’s actually about taking time out to listen and show a little love to pastors.

Just like pastors, we as creatives, artists, and techies all feel like we’re on an island sometimes, too. It’s a great thing when we can not only give encouragement but receive it from the pastors we serve on these trips.

Now, I invite you to join in the conversation by commenting below, or on Facebook.

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  1. Steve Hill (Reply) on February 10th, 2013

    Cleve, this is awesome. It’s so easy for non-pastors like me to really take pastors and their families for granted just because we see them as these spiritual pillars that have moved past the point of really needing anything. Obviously, that’s not true because they’re no less human than everybody else and have that need for soul care that non-pastors do.

    Anyway, great perspective!

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