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Can my spouse come with me on Creative Missions 2013?

We’ve have had a good number of inquiries about spouses joining us for Creative Missions this year. Alaska is an exciting location, so this is a fair question.

A better question might be, “Would your spouse like to go on a solo trip to Alaska but sleep in the same bed with you at night?”

Hopefully the important information below will help clarify things as you guys consider making the trip together.

Remember, the work and ministry are the same this year as other years.

We would love to accommodate as many people as possible, but we also want to keep our primary focus on the tasks at hand – the churches. It is a very full week as we have a very short amount of time with the churches and ministries we help.

  • The $399 participation fee only covers the cost for your lodging (based on double-occupancy with another creative missionary), two meals per day, and ground transportation for your assigned creative team specifically. There is no overhead added to that cost for administrative fees or other expenses. We still rely heavily on donations to make Creative Missions happen. Your spouse would be expected to pay the same fee and would be expected to find their own ground transportation around Anchorage and the surrounding areas while you are serving.
  • This is a mission trip for people with specific skills. If your spouse would like to apply for Creative Missions, please have her or him apply. We have room for 25-30 creatives on our teams. Teams will be put together based on needs with churches. There are no guarantees that anyone will be accepted (though priority goes to alumni who have traveled with us previously).
  • If you serve as a creative and your spouse does not, keep in mind that we are typically working approximately 11 to 14-hour days while on site. We have very little site-seeing and down time (typically one day total). We don’t want you in the dog-house mid-week due to the time you’re expected to serve.

Thanks for reading. If you have any follow up questions, please comment below or contact us at info@creativemissions.to.

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  1. Matt (Reply) on February 5th, 2013

    This trip has two weeks written all over it. One week to work and one week to travel.

    • Cleve Persinger (Reply) on February 8th, 2013

      :) You bringing the Mrs.?

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